Saturday, June 16, 2007

Playing Hookey!

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So where have a been the last few days? Playing hooky! My creative brain has been taking a much needed rest. I have learned that you can't maintain a high level of creativity over a long period of time without sometimes taking a break. I have been seriously working at mixed media for 6 1/2 years now and you can bet I want to avoid burnout!

So what do I do? Well, anything but art! So far this week, I have: watched bad movies and read a couple of lame books, gone shopping at Ikea to get stuff to organize my workspace, bought new music online, had coffee with my friends twice, (Chai will cure anything!) cleaned the house, ordered more rubber from Paper Artsy for new design work, sewed a bit on my project (then unsewed-I had the directional fabric upside down! Brilliant eh?), planned a new project I want to host and watched my son go out on his first date.

I think by Monday I may be ready to get back to work, but if not, I will just putter along till I do.

In the meantime, it's been really nice getting emails from folks that have been up to see the exhibit. I took a friend up there yesterday to view it. It's hard to believe in 14 days it will all come down. A month goes by so quickly! I was just asked to do an interview that will appear online at some point, so I will post and let you know when it's available for viewing.

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