Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In My World

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Time for another list!

Reading: Still working on The Secret of Lost Things. It's highly unusual for me to take more than 2 days to read something but things have been so hectic that I have been falling into bed exhausted and I am out as soon as my head hits the pillow. I am about to start reading "In This House" by Sarah & Angela which I requested my library to purchase. It's just came in and I get to be the first to read it! YAY!

Watching: Not a whole heck of alot-I am waiting for the season premiers (like everyone else!) of all of my shows. The only favourite that's on right now is Rescue Me, which is keeping me amused.

Listening: Duets: An American Classic by Tony Bennett. I like Tony-you can hear the smile in his voice when he sings. That's a rare thing. My son happened to catch part of his duet on the Emmys the other night and later asked me what that song was because he liked it. Cool!

Drinking: Can you guess? Yup! Chai! The cooler weather of fall is apon us so there's nothing better than a warm chai to go with it.

Anticipating: My Artfest confirmation in my mail box this week. *fingers crossed*

Dreaming: I am dreaming about new furniture for our dining room thanks to the new Ikea catalogue. I got it yesterday and already it has post-it note flags marking all the pages with things I would like to buy! When they built an Ikea 5 minutes from our house, my husband was threatening to move. I love Ikea!

Doing: Prepping for my trip to the dairy farm next Monday to teach a private class. I can't wait!

Creating: I am working on my gifts for the 12 Days of Xmas exchange. I have alot of work to do so I thought I would start early. I am also working on my handmade Moos-they are addictive. Liz made some really pretty ones.

Art Supplies I Am Diggin' Right Now: Crayola's Total Tools Staple-free stapler. I love how with one click of the stapler it makes a paper notch that holds pages together plus it stamps stars around the notch! It's really cool. My son was stapling like a mad man trying to figure out how the mechanism worked. (I was pretty intrigued as well.) That's fun for $5!

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liz said...

awwhh--thanks for the mention sweetie!! hope your ArtFest confirmation has arrived--wish i was looking out for one too!
hey--simon got me a BEAUTIFUL vintage style wooden birdcage for my birthday--if i can get a decent pic of it i'll post it on my blog!! hope you're feeling fine!
talk soon
liz xx