Friday, February 08, 2008

News from the Studio

C0pyright Tattered Edge 2008

You know when you are so busy that your brain starts letting go of little things which really aren't so little when you realize it? Well that would be me in the last few weeks. It's been a crazy busy time in the studio since the start of the new year. I am NOT complaining-it's just that I realized the other day that my brain was letting things slide and I had several UH-OH! moments.

For example, I've known for some time that my passport needed renewing. I knew it was scheduled to expire right smack in the middle of Artfest and with the border being in a state of flux in terms of what ID is needed, I figured it would be sensible to just bite the bullet and renew. One thing led to another and I ended up unwittingly parking across someone's driveway and blocked them in. It was totally unintentional and when I returned to my car after about an hour, he was waiting for me. UH OH! I saw what I had done as soon as I arrived and ended up apologising profusely. I am very lucky I didn't get towed! In my own defense, there was sneaux all piled up and I really didn't see the dip in the sidewalk for his drive. I should have seen his truck sitting in the drive, but I was distracted.

The other day I also discovered I was driving around the whole day with expired tags. I had renewed my insurace over the weekend, but since I did it a few days early, I hadn't put the new tag on yet. UH OH! Good thing I didn't get a ticket!

There was also a whole fiasco with copying handouts for my upcoming workshops. In error, I printed a whole wack of scrap paper on my dime. As my friend Linda is so fond of pointing out, Mercury is in retrograde! *grins* That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

On the good side of things, the workshop I taught last night at the library was so much fun! I even had folks bringing me goodies. One lady (apologies-I am blanking on your name.) brought me copies of the photos she took at my trunk show which was very nice of her. Betty Ann did the sweetest thing-she made me a matchbox style altered box and filled it with original ATCs. I was so surprised and it was so lovely of her to want to make me something so special. I will have to post a pic when I find the camera. I haven't unpacked yet.

It really was the nicest class-everyone had such nice things to say to me. I also got to meet Dan who works at the library and makes all the cool promotional materials. He's the one that made that fantastic poster and flyer for my class. I asked if I might have one of the posters when they came down and he went right to his office and printed two up for me-how amazing is that? THANKS Dan! He was pretty humble about his work, but he has an excellent eye for colour and layout and I am very impressed with what he does.

Also in good news department, I have something exciting to share: I have an article being published in the April edition of Haute Handbags!! I am very excited! I won't say more than that just yet, but I imagine that Stampington will have their usual sneak peek up soon so you can find out more. More details to follow.

Okay folks, time for me to get back to business here!

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