Monday, August 04, 2008

The Summer List

First of all, happy BC Day* to my fellow British Columbians! Have a fun but safe holiday everyone!

And now, for your amusement (and my own!) "The List":

Reading: Stampington's Artful Blogging. The most recent issue is, in my humble opinion, the best one yet.

Watching: I wanted to watch House so I decided to rent seasons 1-3 over the summer. (Season 4 comes out in a few weeks.) That way when the new season starts in the fall, I will know what's going on.

I LOVE House, for the same reasons I love Rescue Me-it's that whole flawed hero thing and the lack of an edit button.

I also rented Music Within, which is a wonderful movie and *so* worth renting.

Listening: My friend Tina sent me some new music. I am really enjoying the soundtrack from Once. It's fab! Also enjoying Marc Cohn, Join the Parade. Nothing I love more than great music for the studio!

Anticipating: The eventual arrival of a book I have work published in. It got mailed to my old address by accident so I have no idea where it is in the postal system, but it will probably end up taking awhile to find it's way back to me. Not ideal, but them's the breaks. Nothing I can do but wait for it to be returned to the publisher and then sent back to me at my proper address. *sigh* so much for being an advanced copy!

Dreaming: Of getting my week back on track and getting some work done.

Doing: Training Indy, my new puppy getting all his vaccinations taken care of.

We are celebrating the holiday today with friends coming over for a BBQ. Fun times!!

Creating: Working on the collaborative project and an exchange I am hosting, creating a charm for the ovarian cancer benefit project, writing articles and getting ready to do The Pulse on Seth's blog. (Seth is featured in the new issue of Artful Blogging! Congrats Seth!)

Check out Artsmiths' blog-there is a new Artist of the Month interview with Sally Turlington and we have been posting about summer in our various corners of the world.

*British Columbia Day is a civic holiday intended for all residents and workers to relax and enjoy the beauty and culture offered within this most spectacular province.

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seth said...

Thanks so much for the shout out to my blog and the congrats! Much, much, much appreciation!