Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Red Label

Okay, I can finally share some recent art with you! Over the summer, I hosted a collaborative book called "The Little Red Label Project". I have a collection of red labels-some with text, some blank that I was dying to use in a project and with a whole summer off, I figured why not?

This is my first page. Unfortunately, I am having issues with my computers and printer so the colour and photos are not as vibrant as I would like them to be, but you get the gist.
The photo on the reverse here is one of my originals. I took it a couple years ago, thinking I would use it in another project and then didn't end up using it at all. It worked for this one though!

I like how this one came out. I am a bit of a stamp hoarder. When I get mail and it has pretty stamps, I save them. Most of these are vintage but I enjoyed playing with the layout to get the balance right.

This is the reverse. I didn't realize this pic was somewhat blurry till just now! (Yeesh!) Anyway, the map is of the province of BC and I thought it went with the postal theme on the front of the page. My signature is worn like a necklace by the faerie.

The book came out really cool, thanks to the outstanding contributions by Tina Abbott, Barbara Atwell, Tara Finaly, Pilar Pollock, Penelope Harris, Deb Lewis, Kristen Robinson and Lisa Ryder. I can't wait for everyone to get their books. They are on their way as of today!

Never one to rest on my laurels, I am already formulating the next project in my mind. I have a pretty good idea what it will be!

Tomorrow I will post pics from our trip to Stanley Park yesterday and some of the collaborative Penn hosted that just wrapped up. See you then!


Anonymous said...

I peeked! :) I am so excited about getting my book in the mail-- I shall be staking out my mailbox from now on. :D

seth said...

These pages are really fantastic. And I think linking each one with the red label is perfect.