Monday, September 22, 2008

Of Art & Books

I am mighty! I managed to complete 32 ATCs for a project I am doing in just a few days and well ahead of schedule! I've been in the groove lately and getting alot done. I'm pretty pleased with myself.

These are the fronts....

And then all the contact info on the back. I thought this pic of these girls in their bathing suits was amusing. The one on the right looks like me-same hair and face shape so I had to use it!

When I am not busy creating, I am reveling in the marvel of What It Is by Lynda Barry which was recommended to me by my pal Penn. I took one look at her copy and had to run out and buy one for myself. Luckily, there was a comic book store down the street that just happened to have them in stock. Lucky me!! Instant gratification!

It's so full of interesting little details and just looking at it is inspiring. It makes me want to sit down and just throw random pages together. When you click the link, be sure to click the "search inside this book" feature to get a peek inside. Skip past the first few pages it shows you till you get to the more collage themed ones, which is what the book is chock full of.

I am also reading and absorbing Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. It requires that you go slowly and thoughtfully, as she provides alot of good insight, in addition to a variety of techniques.

I pre-ordered my copy directly from Kelly and it arrived signed and with a lovely print tucked inside the cover. I'd forgotten it would be signed, so that was a nice surprise when I opened it. I plan to write a review for Amazon once I've finished it.

Oh and before I sign off for today, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN!! I am so thrilled Autumn is finally here. It's my favourite season. I've already had the pleasure of kicking up leaves when I walk. That is sheer bliss!

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seth said...

Great job on the ATCs! And I am also loving the Lynda Barry book!! It is so unique.