Sunday, October 12, 2008


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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada. (Thus one more pic from the cranberry bogs!) It's one of my favourite holidays, along with Hallowe'en. As I have said often, Autumn is my favourite time of year. There's just something so uplifting about the natural beauty here at this time of year in addition to the weather and the celebrations that take place in October.

Next weekend we will celebrate my husband's birthday and the week after that, our 18th wedding anniversary. We purposely chose to get married in my favourite month so we could have yet another reason to celebrate and feel happy in October.

October ends now with just a tinge of sadness, as Hallowe'en was also my Gramps' birthday and now that he's gone, I can't help but miss him especially on that day. *breathe*

Anyway, I have alot to be thankful for this year. I am reposting the Harvest Prayer from last Thanksgiving, simply because it's an eloquent reminder of how we can create a beautiful life for ourselves. On our best days, this is who we are.

Harvest Prayer
(Anonymous 17th Century Sermon)

Please be gentle with yourself and others.

We are all children of chance,

And none can say why some fields blossom

While others lay brown beneath the harvest sun.

Take hope that your season will come.

Share the joy of those whose season is at hand.

Care for those around you.

Look past your differences.

Their dreams are no less than yours,

Their choices in life no more easily made.

And give.

Give in any way you can.

Give in every way you can.

Give whatever you possess.

Give from your heart.

To give is to love.

To withhold is to wither.

Care less for the size of your harvest than for how it is shared,

And your life will have meaning

And your heart will have peace.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tina said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I just love love October and we don't even have Thanksgiving.

MB Shaw said...

Happy Thanksgiving! October is also my favorite month (we just celebrated our 15th). Congrats.