Monday, November 10, 2008


So this was the view from my world for the last week and a half. I spent the entire time curled up on the couch with Indy snuggled up next to me, drinking tea, coughing, watching HOUSE on dvd and dosing in and out.

The whole time Indy was right there with me, catching up on his sleep too. He was very sweet to keep me company when no one else would because I was so germy. Isn't he adorable? And yes, he really is that shiny! And he's soft. People keep asking me what I am feeding him because his coat is so beautiful. Just his puppy chow, fruits and veggies as a treat and occasionally a bit of meat-nothing special. Maybe it also helps that I brush him alot because he enjoys it so much.

Anyway, now that I am finally feeling better, I had a ton of art to catch up on over the weekend. I managed to get alot done. These are mini banners for a swap I am in. They were alot of fun to make and I will probably be making a few more. I want some to keep for myself! If I get my returns back before Xmas, (Mail to Canada at this time of year is crazy) then I plan to hang them in the living room where our tree will be.

I also decided to do a journal swap with my friend Lisa who lives in New Zealand. We've made each other a journal to use in the new year. Truth be told, I am a journal junkie. I have a growing collection of them. Every time I see one I like, I buy it. I don't so alot of art journalling, per se-I tend to write things about my plans for art-making, exchanges, workshop ideas, etc. down in them. My journals are more about the nuts and bolts of art, rather than pretty pages. No matter, it works for me and that's what's important.

I took pics of the journal I made for Lisa, but I will post them after she's received hers so as not to spoil the surprise. I have an idea what I will do with the journal Lisa is sending me. I will explain eventually, but in order for this idea to work, I can't say much about it for now. I want what goes into it to be completely authentic. (You'll see what I mean when I share it once it's full.)

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Speaking of journals, after a bit of a hiatus, Portals Zine is back!Issue #6 is all about art journals and it's now available for pre-order. I am happy to see it return and I have some work appearing in this issue. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Okay, guess that's it for now! Time for me to get back to work!

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Mooneybeams said...

I've been enjoying your blog and am looking forward to seeing the journal you come up with. Seriously beautiful dog by the way - bet he had the best week of his life with the constant snuggles!