Thursday, April 09, 2009

Artfest 2009, Part 2

More Artfest goodness. This time the slides are from show and tell. I was going to go in chronological order and then thought "Who cares?!" and just uploaded what I felt like sharing today.

I have more pics from the Show & Tell that I will post later. I just thought I would get this up now, while I had a few minutes to spare.

I also wanted to share this photo with you. This is my friend &rew (Andrew) who grabbed me when he spotted me at Show & Tell and said "Come see my painting!!" as he pulled me along.

When I saw this was his, I was in awe. I told him that I had walked by that class several times throughout the day and saw people with their noses pressed right up against their canvasses dabbing ever-so-carefully with their brushes on some tiny detail. I told him there's no way I could have done that class-I would have gone blind.

He did such a beautiful job of it, it feels as if you can walk right through the canvass, into the scene. I am not a painter, but I can sure appreciate the time and talent it took to create this piece. And the grin of satisfaction on his face says it all! &rew, this is a gorgeous piece and you have every right to be proud. God, I feel like such a neophyte. Seriously, though, I bow to your greatness.

Okay, off to have a late dinner and enjoy my husband's company. More Pics tomorrow!


Tara Finlay said...

Oh L, you really captured a number of great works of art. How I long to have gone. It just firms my resolve to go next year no matter what.

&rew said...

Thanks so much, Lelainia, for the great picture and your nice comment!