Sunday, June 07, 2009

Answering the Question

Catherine has asked me if I was going to write down the things I was about at this particular moment or day in time, what would they be? She said just to write down as many things as I can until I can't really think of any more.

So what are I about right now? Let's see...

I'm about:

wanting to beg/borrow or steal (ha!) art books and magazines to fire my imagination over the summer.

having coffee at Starbuck's with friends

making connections

delving deeper

learning to deal with stress better

rising above

letting go of everything that no longer serves me

enjoying Indy, my dog, my shadow, my sweet little love

waiting for autumn


soothing my soul with music (The Wailin' Jennys are being played the most at the moment.)



Caren D'arche crayons

vintage aqua

collecting journals but not writing in them (Strange but true.)

papering my life with post-it notes

making rhubarb crisp from rhubarb grown in my organic garden


being at loose ends

wanting to wander the forest

beach combing

making do

contemplating my next move


being still inside

searching for motivation

celebrating my friendships

taking lots of photos

baking bread

playing with paint


watching the post box

being comfortable in my own skin


The summer stretches before me and it's one big question mark. Some people find winter challenging. For me it's summer. I don't do well with heat (I now know that's an MS thing) and everyone goes away and it's just kinda lonely. I've never liked summer. I can't wait for it to be over.

I have this odd urge to sew pillows and pillow cases. I have no idea why-it's not like I need pillows or anything, but that's what I've been thinking about making. I've keep thinking about making a talisman of some sort. I've begun chipping away at a small zine for an exchange. It's crazy-I have these ideas, but when it comes to working on something, I just don't feel like it. I am searching for my motivation. It will come back to me eventually, on way or another.

I am waiting for word on the Olympics-it's occurred to me that any time now I should find out if I'm on board or not. I'd really like to be a part of the team. I mean it's the OLYMPICS and they are happening right here and I have always been such a big fan. Anyone who knows me, knows everything stops in my house when the Olympics are on. We always have an opening and closing ceremony dinner with foods from the host country. (I guess we'll be eating back bacon, maple syrup and poutine this year!)

The Paralympics will be here two weeks after the Olympics and that is going to be hugely interesting and inspiring. I've always wished they would televise the Paralympics just as they do the Olympics. I've put my name forward for both events. *fingers crossed*

If I am quiet over the next while, it's because round 3 of chemo is on Wednesday. *dreads* It usually takes me a few days to recover, because I seem to be queen of the side effects.

So I will tag a few folks, but no pressure. Link back to me so I can see what you wrote. Write a comment here so people can go see your list. Like Catherine, I am interested to see what comes of it.


sherry lee said...

Fingers crossed that you are on board for the Olympics (both) a dream come true!!

And fingers crossed that the s/e's from the chemo aren't as bad this round...ginger (candies, cookies, tea) helps with nausea and pinching the skin between your thumb and forefinger at the first sign of your stomach starting can also help.

I love it when you make these lists...I'm going to do one for Tuesday!! You inspire me so much!

HappyDayArt! said...

I love your list. I'm picturing you with each sentence and you are interesting.

I don't like summer much either. Hate the heat when it comes. It makes me feel so tired until I get used to it. I hide downstairs where it's cooler.

Yes, circles and vintage aqua!

I think I have some books to share. Wait for the mail.


sherry lee said...

This was a great exercise and I thank both you Lelainia and Catherine for this prompt.

I realize that I am at a plateau in my life...I could feel it but writing it down made it so much plainer for me to see.

here's the link!

PostcardsFor2010 said...
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Tina said...

I'm just lifting my head to take a look around after being out of the loop for some time. I'll be posting my responses to your tag when I return from my trip. It looks intereesting.
Take care dear!