Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Weekend Review

Sunday was our son's Commencement Ceremony, down at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver. There were 400 in his graduating class and 383 of them showed up, making for a very long ceremony. The kids did not come up for their diplomas in alphabetical order, so it was a challenge keeping track of who was next so we could get photos and it turned out that our son walked the stage after about 360 students. It was worth the wait though, because he graduated with honours!

He had flip flops on when we took pictures at the house and what was really funny is that most of the kids actually wore flip flops to the ceremony. You could hear them snapping as they crossed the stage.

The other really funny thing is that with the gown comes this red collar that makes the "V" on top of the gown. When we took the pics at home, he had it on backwards and the seam wasn't lined up with his shoulders. I now have several very nice pics of him wearing it wrong. I never noticed! *laughs* We were just trying to get some photos before he left. It never pays to be in a hurry!

I supposed I should explain about the Scooby Doo cake. When my husband and I went to order a cake for the party we were having after the ceremony, my husband suggested we get a one in a theme he'd had growing up, instead of a boring hat and diploma cake.

The first cake we ever got our son was a Sesame Street one and while we were looking through the cake book, I saw the Scooby one. Carver grew up being a big fan of Scooby Doo and had never had that particular cake, so we chose it. It also left us with enough room to have the writing we wanted on it. I have to tell you, it was the most delicious cake we've ever had. WE may just have to order another for his 18th birthday which is on Saturday. (Yes, the partying never stops at my house!)

We still have an awards ceremony to attend tomorrow night. He's getting an award and only families whose kids are up for an award are invited. I think there's a reception and everything. There is also a dinner put on for parents for kids who are doing the chef program. I think that one is in a couple of weeks. It feels like I've been running a marathon this last month with all the events we've been to or hosted or prepared for. I am exhausted! It's a good thing we only have one child-I can't imagine doing this over and over again, even though it was fun and we are so proud of him.

Yesterday, my husband had the day off, so we took Indy to Buntzen Lake, to the special dog beach to swim. It was smokin' hot here-about 29C so it was really good to go off to the wilds for a bit where it was cooler. Just as we arrived on the beach, a bald eagle flew right over our heads. It was so beautiful!

Here's Indy heading out to get his Kong. He has a special one that's made for the water (it's filled with foam and has a rope so you can fling it far) which he loves. He swam non-stop for 2 hours. Labs are such elegant swimmers. They have webbed toes so they look like otters in the water and once they get in, they will swim till you are exhausted! He loves the water and it was alot of fun watching him swim. I like to see my dog happy.

The water is so good for his coat too-when he comes out he's so nice and soft. Labs have a special coat for being in the water. It may get wet on top, but it takes alot to get wet in the under layers of their fur. When they shake off, they are pretty well dry. I saw other dogs there that are not aquatic dogs (Shepards, poodles, etc.) and when they would come out of the water, they could barely stand up their coats were so saturated. The water would just pour off them. It explains why they look so awkward swimming too-their fur is pulling them down, like someone trying to swim fully clothed.

Today is going to be a catch up day. I have some projects sitting on my desk that need my attention, so I am going to grab a quick brekki and get down to business. Can you believe it's JUNE already? Where does the time go?

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