Sunday, July 05, 2009

My Sunday in Pictures

Today our plan was to walk down the path that runs along False Creek to Granville Island. The weather was a fair bit cooler today, especially with the breeze blowing in from the ocean. (Hooray!) Indy enjoyed meeting lots of dog and getting tons of attention. I've discovered that most folks have a soft spot for Labs...or maybe it's just because mine is particularly gorgeous. *grins*

Anyway, the path we take begins at Science World, which is what that big silver ball is. It's one of the few buildings left from Expo '86 and is now a place for kids to go on field trips. There is also an Omnimax theatre inside.

There are all kinds of flower beds along the way.

I love these things, though I am not entirely sure what they are.

If you stare into the center of this ball you can see the perfect symmetry of nature. Amazing. I find the small details of nature so interesting.

Cosmos. Like poppies, their petals are paper thin, almost translucent.

So delicate and pretty.

There is a park along the way and they have a small pond area near the path we were on. This blue heron seems right at home there.

These were completely dried and I love the colour of them-it reminds me of Autumn.

This is a random doorway on Granville Island. It was Canada Day on June 1st and I guess these were from the celebration they had down there.

I found this sweet little leather coin purse at one of my favourite shops, Paper Ya after lunch. I had to have it. I had to restrain myself from buying several journals. They have such an interesting selection there. I have a thing about buying journals and really, I need to stop. I have a bit of an addiction...*ahem*...collection.

This is a map of the ferry route along False Creek. If you click it, you can see the details. We walked the route to the south, then rode the ferry east, back to Science World.

Mussels on the pilings at the ferry dock.

Indy waiting for the ferry to arrive.

Aqua Dog! He's sticking his head out where you step on to board. My husband had to really hang onto him-he was dying to jump in. (He's a wonderful and enthusiastic swimmer.) Everyone on the ferry was lovin' him up.

The Olympic Village for the 2010 games, still in progress.

We walked across this bridge, which is part of the Olympic Village as we were heading up to Granville Island. I love this bridge-it looks like a big white rowing skull, which you can really see and appreciate when you walk over it. I think it fits into the landscape perfectly. It's really quite clever.

And finally back to where we started! I love travelling back by water. It's just fun and you see the city from a completely different perspective. Not to mention, you get to meet people-we chatted with visitors from Quebec, Alberta and Texas.

En route to the car, we discovered a gelato shop so we stopped and had some. It was yummy and Indy even got to have a bit. It was hot by then and I think he enjoyed it.

On the way home, we made a quick stop at Urban Source so the lady who works there could see Indy. She really likes him and 2 weeks ago when I stopped in, I didn't have him with me (I was on my way to the ATC swap) so I promised that the next time I was out that way I would bring him for a visit. She had his favourite treats waiting for him. (Have I mentioned that people not only love my dog, but spoil him too?)

When we got home, my best friend Lisa brought her new yellow Lab puppy Dexter, over for a visit. Dexter is Indy's little brother (same parents, different litter) and my goddog. I'll share the utter cuteness in my next post. I have video! Stay tuned!!


halowrites said...

what a fabulous adventure! I love all the summery pictures-- just what I needed to brighten my day. it's grey, cold and utterly miserable here.

bettyann said...

glad you had your wonderful adventures..the day my friends became Canadian citizens we took the same water trip..take care..

lynnsie said...

Hi Lelainia, It's been awhile since we've talked. I am Lynn Adams from the Bellingham ATC swap. I enjoyed the short time we've been able to talk and I have really enjoyed your blog the last few years. I think you are amazing. So talented and insightful. I love the prose you have sent over the airwaves. I've kept all of them.
Thank you for your courage and faith.
I am glad you had a wonderful time on your adventure. I use to come up to Vancouver years ago and explore. I loved it. Talk with you soon. Lynn

sherry lee said...

Thanks for bringing us along!! Wonderful photos and I love the coin purse you bought!!!

Di said...

Lelainia - I love "catching up" via your blog posts... Your line about *cough* your journal collection made me laugh out loud! I too have the same issue... though I must say that most of them are used, not full but I am certainly working on just that. Words, pictures, clippings all journal worthy for sure.