Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day Four of Gratitude Week

Today's Gratitude Week interview is with actor and blues musician, Jim Byrnes who talks about the mere six degrees of separation between each of us and the homeless. He puts it so beautifully-see for yourself.

Today's words of gratitude come from my treasured friend Tina Abbott:

"The timing of this is strange. I am grateful for so very much. Sometimes I forget how amazing and fabulous my life is and I'm grateful when I remember. Today, I'm grateful for my family and to be alive. I'm grateful for seatbelts, and the kindness of strangers. I'm grateful for ibuprofen, tylenol, and arnica. I'm grateful for friends who show up. I live a blessed and glorious life.

Yesterday I was in a car accident on my way to Olympia, for a work training. The weather was beautiful and I was wishing a little I could stay home but I was going to be staying with Lana and Joan{friends & housemates from Artfest} and I was really looking forward to hanging out with them. I'm okay, though I have black bruises larger than my hand across my abdomen and chest where I slammed into the seat belt. My whole body hurts and I'm grateful that is all I have to show for this experience."


After getting this email from Tina, who is very dear to my heart, I was instantly grateful to the universe that she was spared more serious injuries... or worse. I am very, very grateful she's going to be okay!

Join me tomorrow for the last day of Gratitude Week here on my blog. I hope you've been enjoying it!

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sherry ♥ lee said...

This clip was very touching and very true. We are a mere six degrees of separation from homelessness...each person out there IS someone's baby and it is about the emotional connection we all need. My mother's cousin lived on the streets for awhile. He had family (siblings) although he was divorced and had no contact with his children. He was an alcoholic who chose to live this way to satisfy "something". Eventually his sister persisted and got him off the streets but I think somewhere in each family there is one person who could potentially live the life of the homeless.

Tina's gratitude is extremely knows such gratitude and was blessed indeed to be spared anything more than serious bruising. I'm glad that she is all right.

This has been a very interesting and moving week on your blog Lelainia!