Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gratitude Week Day 3

This morning's Gratitude Week message comes from radio personality Brother Jake Edwards and talks about his experiences in his neighbourhood here in Vancouver.

Today my talented friend Lisa Ryder shares what she is grateful for:

"- for my friends, both near & far, old & new, who encourage, nurture & support me.

- for having a creative space of my own in which I can spend time planning, making & daydreaming.

- for living in New Zealand, where I am never far from the ocean or the mountains or brilliant green forests.

- for my father's amazing strength & resilience which has seen him fight cancer with a fierce determination & courage that makes me so very proud.

- for my husband of 20 years whom I love more every day, & for my gorgeous, smart & sassy daughter.

- for the unconditional love & joy I get from Ruby, the best puppy in the world!

- and I am especially grateful for the chance to get to make a list like this, to remind myself that my life is blessed in all kinds of ways. thanks, Lelainia."

And this is what my sweet friend Maria Lamb had to share:

"I recite my gratitude list every night when I lay my head on the pillow. Being as blessed as I am, it's pretty easy to be grateful.

Many of things I'm grateful for will no doubt appear on others' lists:

I'm grateful for my darling life-mate. I'm grateful for my wonderful pets. I'm grateful that I love where I live. I'm grateful that I'm free of want.

Some things on my daily list are "shout-outs" to the Universe:"Thanks for the bald eagle fly-over today!" or "Loved seeing the giant praying mantis!"

The habit of "being grateful" makes bad thing bearable. We've suffered several pet deaths this year. Each one left us grief- stricken. But I'm grateful that they shared our lives for as long as they did. I'm grateful that they died at home with limited pain of short duration."

Thanks to everyone who has offered to share their gratitude lists so far. I will have more for you tomorrow, on Day 4.

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sherry ♥ lee said...

More wonderful gratitudes....we know what we have and appreciate it so much. I like Maria saying her thanks as she sees something wonderful...that's so much a part of gratitude, isn't it?

And this clip -- he makes a good point about the weather. When you live in a place where the weather isn't as "brutal" as some other cities, homelessness takes on a different life, creating a unique problem that isn't as noticeable in other places. Makes me wonder what it's like in really warm, all year round spots??