Sunday, October 04, 2009

Scenes from My Weekend

This morning I got up and made these acorn adorned cupcakes after seeing them on someone else's blog. I wish I could remember which blog it was, but the name escapes me. The person who inspired me made vanilla cupcakes and dyed them blue. I made chocolate-I'm not a big fan of food colouring as I am allergic to some of it.

I made 3 dozen and called up my best friend to tell her I had some to share with her. I was befuddled when she didn't come tearing over to get them-usually the offer of something yummy gets an immediate response. Hours and several message later, her husband phoned for directions to a favourite dollar store (they were out walking their puppy on the dikes) and I asked them to stop by on their way home for treats. The cupcakes got rave reviews. *grins*

Right after I finished making cupcakes, we took these from our organic garden...

and added some of this...

And created a bit of this... accident-that's what happens when you multi-task!
And eventually ended up with this...

27 jars of pickled beets! I think that will get us through the winter! My hands are now a lovely shade of day-glo pink, a colour I was sure was not found in nature, but apparently it is!

I have to tell you that my husband cleaned up the massacre in the kitchen. That man is the best worker bee I know-he can make a kitchen sparkle even better than I can. He took the whole stove top apart, wiped down walls and cupboards, mopped the'd never know we'd canned today! I think he missed his calling-he should have been the guy who cleans up crime scenes!

Lastly, I leave you with this:

Did you ever know there were so many pretty shades of green? This was today's pickin's from our garden. If mother nature isn't the best artist!


sherry ♥ lee said...

Mother nature is a glorious artist indeed!! Vibrant greens and bursting reds -- and boy were reds bursting!! You are so blessed to have a man who likes to clean like that!!

Those cupcakes look amazing...tiny works of art and your pickled beets will be summer's glory through the long winter!!

Tina said...

I'll trade you jam for beets! They look gorgeous. I just love beets.

I didn't know you gardened. We had a mini garden these last two years. Next weekend I think we'll plant some cold weather crops.

Pilar said...

Oh, my goodness! Your harvest is so beautiful! I wish I could eat some of those pickled beats. Yummy!

Kris Henderson said...

wow you little domestic goddess you!
I love the color of beet water ;)
Have a great healthy winter!