Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Is Our Day!

"Happy Anniversary Baby, got you on my miiiiiiiiiind!"

Today we are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary! We are both so stunned that that much time has passed since our wedding day-it almost doesn't seem possible. Now our son is grown and graduated and we're going to be married TWO DECADES a year from today! *boggles*

It just so happens that my husband has the day off today, so we're going to have lunch together, which is a rare treat during the work week. He came in this morning to see if I was awake and then made me brekki. His mum and dad were just down for a visit so we have a fridge full of farm fresh (brown) eggs, so we had skillet strips, eggs and toast with tea. I could get used to this! *laughs*

So here are some things I love about my husband:

-he has a soft and gentle heart

-animals and babies love him

-he will help anyone in need, most of the time before they can even ask

-he works hard

-he is an excellent dad to our son and fur kid

-he actually enjoys shopping

-he has impeccable taste in jewellery

-he's very easy going (he's a Libra)

-he enjoys putting food on our table the old fashioned way-he grows a good portion of it organically

-he's married me twice (we renewed our vows on my 30th birthday)
-he shows his love for me every day

Happy Anniversary to my one true love. xox


sherry ♥ lee said...

What a beautiful post of love and adoration -- not to mention appreciation!! You are blessed to have found such a love Lelainia...as your love is to have found you!!

Happy ♥ Anniversary!!

michelle allen said...

Happy Anniversary! This is so sweet! He sounds like a gem of a man.Congratulations.

Bettyann said...

aww that is so sweet...Happy Anniversary..have a wonderful day..

Kristen Robinson said...

Happy Anniversary my sweet friend I wish you another 19+ wonderful and divine years.