Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Little Corner of the World

It's been an insane week with running back and forth to hospital appointments every single day but Monday. (Monday I worked 14 1/2 hours straight at the bi-election.) This meant I had little time for creating in the studio, but surprisingly, I DO have something to show for what scant time I did have.

Tomorrow is the 9th anniversary of our ATC group and Penn gave everyone a template to make paper cake pieces. Everyone is making as many slices as they want and creating something handmade to go inside, as the prize.

I cut 10 slices from the template using cardstock and scored the folds. Then I covered the slices with anaglypta using matte medium to adhere it. I let them dry overnight and then ran my red staz-on ink pad over the anaglypta to colour the "icing". I finished each slice with a "cherry" on top.

It's a secret what's inside, but it's something pretty and practical and once the exchange is over I will show you what I made.

I have also been busy playing Suzi Homemaker. I don't know what it is about the fall, but it makes me want to spend more time in my kitchen cooking. My guys are partial to PB cookies, so I made 3 dozen to last the week.

My trick to ensure they don't gobble them down the same day is to put 1 doz. in the cookie jar and the other 2 doz. in ziplocs in the freezer. Out of sight, out of mind and it means I actually get a cookie or two!

My in-laws heard I wanted a bread machine and gave us one they weren't using anymore. I have been baking up a storm. I can make about 3 loaves per day if I am taking the dough out and baking the bread in the oven. I am trying to get a few loaves ahead in the freezer.

I decided I wanted a bread machine because I was paying $5/loaf and buying about 3-4 loaves per week. $20/wk on bread! That's insane! I discovered that I had everything I needed in the cupboard to begin making bread and so far only bought a bag of brown flour. I am not buying store made bread anymore! And besides which, the bread I make is not full of sugars and preservatives-I know exactly what we're eating!

Once you know how to make bread dough, you can make all kinds of yummy things with it. I made some cinnamon buns for us and then Lisa heard about it so I made some for her for her birthday. YUM!!

Shifting gears just a little, the latest in Olympic news is that last week I attended my Events Host training. I think I mentioned that they gave us an "Annie in a box" CPR learning kit. I finally got around to taking a pic of it. They were generously donated by the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation.

I also received my games time schedule this week and I got fantastic hours. It means I won't have to get up super early or commute during peak periods, which makes me very happy. I start on February 8th as my venue opens early to allow for Opening Ceremonies rehearsals. It's just over 2 1/2 months away!! I can't wait!

And what's a blog post without a pic of my sweet boy, Indy. He likes to hang out with me in the studio and has been glued to me the second I get home lately because I've been out so much. (And yes, he really is that shiny. He has a beautiful coat.) He's lying here right now waiting for me to be finished on the computer so I can play fetch with him. I'd better get a move on!


Tara Finlay said...

What's anaglypta?
Indy is SUCH a handsome boy!!! What a healthy beautiful coat!

sherry ♥ lee said...

I'm so glad you got good times for the Olympics...that will make life a lot easier for you and I know you will be putting your whole self into this experience.

Great cake!! Can't wait to see what it was you put inside!

And cookies, bread, cinnamon buns...all my favourites and I'm putting in weight just looking at these photos!! :)

arlene said...

Olympic fever? It sounds very exciting!
I was thinking of you today as I realized it is that time of year that the 12 Days swaps usually go out. I am missing the wonder of it all this year, but things are so busy I wouldn't have had time to enjoy the process. :(
Indy is tres beautiful!! I love shiny.