Sunday, December 20, 2009

I *Heart* Zines Exchange

The Zines have landed!! I finally have the returns from the exchange I was in, in hand, thanks to Rose who accepted our mail in Pt. Roberts to speed things up and to Penn who made the trip across the border to Rose's house yesterday afternoon. YAY! This is the mother load of artsy goodness!

Of course you will want to see each one up close, so let's go through them, shall we?

Odd Ball Charm by Alma Stoller, our hostess.

Art Journals: The Zine by Kara Klein.

Greetings by Emily Pruitt.

Stationary & Envelopes Note Conversations by Lisa Schrameki & Shalene McCollum.

Aging Artiste by Samantha Blythe.

Fig. by Michelle Takacs.

The Inner Eye by K. Grace Howes.

50 Ways by Pam Crawford.

Z is for Zine by Sarah Davis.

Mother Rubber Art Zine, Issue #1: Strawberry by Dawn Nguyen (Whom some of you might know by her maiden name, Shepherd.)

So there were 10 zines in the exchange and then Penn, Rose, Misti and I also exchange privately because you can never have too many zines! Here are the ones they traded with me:

Time Management for Creative People by Rose Momsen.

What Art Mail? by Misti Ko.

From This to That by Penelope Harris.

I think I am going to have to get a basket to keep all my zines in because it really is quite a collection. I haven't read any of them yet. I am trying to decide when to do that-whether I should save them for Xmas day or the week between Xmas and New Year's or...??? I want to savour them one by one.

I really enjoyed making my zine, Manual Dexterity, which looked like this:

Penn told me to open my Xmas card that was in with my zines, so I did and these 1 inch buttons she made at a class last Monday were inside.

Aren't they cool? I collect 1 inch buttons. We're going to have a button making party in the new year. I am already scouting out images to use. Penn always makes me the coolest things. Thanks Penn!


Sherry said...

Oh amazing array of art -- and these are just the covers!! I can only imagine how juicy the inside of each one is!!

Having received a copy of your zine I know exactly how fabulous it is -- and going slowly through each one? Absolutement!! I've been doing that with's next to my bed and when I'm in a quiet place I flip into it and savour each page.

Love the buttons too -- yes indeed, they are tres cool!!! xo

Grace said...

ooh how cool..your zines have arrived. I am eagerly awaiting my scrumptious pkg and the buttons are gorgeous!

ohjoana said...

Hello from Portugal.

I used some of the pictures of zines you have here to promote it, it's a great idea, so i took a chance to talk about it in my blog, well and I also gave the right credits to this blog of course, I hope I am doing it in the correct way by letting you know. Thank you very much, this blog is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Those zines are so cool! im interested in making my own zines and i would also like to swap them with people. I live in new zealand do you know of nay websites where you swap zines? thanks :)

Unknown said...

Are these zine exchanges still happening? I read about them in an old issue of Somerset Studio. The article gave the address but it doesn't exist anymore. How can I get involved? I'd love to participate in one!