Monday, July 11, 2011

Light Hunters, Catching Up

I am running just a bit behind on my shots for Light Hunters. This weekend was insanely busy. I spent the lion's share of Friday and Saturday volunteering at Summer Live in Stanley Park, a 3 day music festival put on by the city of Vancouver to celebrate Vancouver's 125th birthday.

It was a really good time-there were tons of big names in Canadian music performing. In addition to that, it was also a celebration of the ethnic diversity of our city. The weather was beautiful and I think everyone finally felt like it was summer.

Car Service I shot yesterday while my husband and I were celebrating "Day of the Dog". Indy waited patiently for 2 days while his peeps were all either at work or volunteering, so we declared Sunday "Day of the Dog" and made a point of making the day all about him. He got to nibble bits of Triple O burgers, have a lengthy swim and romp with other dogs at Spanish Banks and then had his own gelato afterwards. (In case you hadn't noticed, we adore him.) He came home tired and happy, as did we.

I shot this image just for fun. I like how it looks so diner-y. The White Spot still has car service and every few years, we go and order it that way. There's not to many places that you can still do that. 


 I shot Driftwood at Spanish Banks. It's been awhile since I shot self-portrait of my hands. I was working on contrast yesterday. I think it's important in any piece of art to have not only contrast in terms of colour value, (light, medium & dark) but also in pattern or texture (soft & hard, smooth & rough) and in the size of the objects in the piece. This one pretty much covers all the bases.

I really love working in black and white. Sometimes colour can be a distraction. When something is in black and white, you get to see nuances of the image that you might have missed otherwise. I like the raw honesty of it.

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Nancy Lynn said...

Although I follow your blog and read all your posts, I don't comment much but I enjoy all your adventures. Loved everything you made in Mary Ann's ROD class. Are you taking her new class, Full Tilt Boogie?