Thursday, March 15, 2012

Born On The Ides Of March

Happy 4th Birthday 
to my sweet, sweet boy whom I love 
more than anything in this world!

Just for fun, I looked up Indy's horoscope. I was curious what it would say.

21 February - 20 March
Pisces dogs are incredibly sensitive. This exactly quality of their character allows this dogs to understand people without any spoken words.  If you need a detector of friends and enemies, get yourself a Pisces dog. Pisces are blessed with outstanding intuition. They clearly define good and bad people. It is almost impossible to trick them.

Pisces dog may become a real comfort for people who have to stay in the hospital. Their presence has a healing effect on the fallen spirit. Pisces dogs are alot calmer than the other dogs. This dogs rarely perform any kinds of aggressive issues. They are peaceful and patient, very fond of other people and animals. They feel the most comfort among children. They just love them. 
It should be noted that the Pisces dog has very expressive and soulful eyes, which make him truly hard to resist. Dogs born under the sign of Pisces normally are of excellent memory and intelligence. They do not need the rude trainer. Pisces understand everything, they are ready to fulfill all your requirements just because they love you. The sea or the ocean coast and the places surrounded by mountains are the right ones for Pisces to stay.

Spooky! It's like whomever wrote this met my dog and then penned this. Indy is an excellent judge of character-I trust him implicitly. He's highly intuitive and often I just look at him and he knows exactly what I want.

It's also true that he's a comfort to me when I am struggling with my health. He will lie beside me and not move, as if he's keeping watch over me.

Indy loves small children. He is very sweet and gentle with them and often when we're out and about, little ones want to pet him. He sits nicely and is very patient.

Indy's a water dog, through and through. Aside from being a Lab, a breed that has a natural affinity for water, he's Pisces, so if he comes across even a puddle, he's in it. We swear he can smell water 100 miles away and if he can smell it, he wants to be in it. According to his horoscope, he's living in exactly the environment he should be!

 I bought him a gift, which I am sure he's going to love. It's a Kong Genius. There are three components to it. You stuff them with treats, so they have to figure out how to unhook them and get the treats out and you can hook them together to keep your dog amused for hours. Indy loves his Kong toys because they are fun and we love them because they are durable. Kong is the only company I will buy from-their products are Labrador tested and approved!

Anyway, you'll have to forgive me for being the blog that's gone to the dogs today, but Indy is worth celebrating. I am very lucky to have him in my life.

Edit: My best friend Lisa just sent me this link, which cracked me up.
 It's especially funny that this was posted on Indy's birthday.


Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Beautiful pics. My husband and I will be getting a female black lab pup at the end of April and we're so excited. Just can't wait.

g. said...

birthday hugs to Indy! he's a beautiful pup!

Deb said...

Oh, wow. They got Indy to a "t" didn't they? I so love that dog!
Happy Birthday, Indiana Jones! Kiss your mom for me!