Saturday, May 05, 2012

New Moo!

Mid-April, I ordered some new Moo cards, made with some of my digital photography images. I intended to have them in time for Seth's book signing, but they were a day late. (They showed up this morning.) Not to disparage the good people at Moo-their customer service is excellent-so much so that this is the 4th order I've done with them. I am positive my order was delayed going through customs. (Don't even get me started about customs!)

Anyway, as I said, they showed up this morning and I am *so* pleased with how they look. Opening a box of Moo Cards is like opening a box of happy for me! I love these 2 3/4 x 1 1/8 little pieces of artsy goodness so much, a few years ago, I wrote an article about using Moo cards to make 3rd generation art for Somerset Studio.

I've been collecting them for about 4 1/2 years and at last count I had about 130 cards. Here are a few of my personal favourites:

(The blue one next to the sunflower is Seth's-I just got it last night.)

As you can see, anything goes when you make Moo cards. The interface for making them is very user friendly, so you can upload a bunch of images and see what works best. While not all your images are going to work, the ones that do look spectacular in this format. (Small scale images tend to work better than large scale images.)

Since I started making Moo cards, the company has come out with tons more affordable products to print your images on, including stickers in various shapes, labels, full sized business cards, greeting cards, postcards and more! They will even send you a sample pack of their products for FREE-you don't even have to pay the shipping! 

Anyway, I have fallen in love with Moo all over again. It's an obsession, really. At some point, I'd like to frame my collection in little groupings. I think that would be so charming. Don't you?

Do YOU Moo?! I'd love to see yours. Send me a link!


abbymaya said...

I have recently discovered "Mom" cards to identify me as "Sophy's Mom" and I'm thinking Moo is the perfect excuse for creating some of these for baby school!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a lovely collection! I have thought about ordering some moo cards a few times and your post is really making me think I really do need some!

Nicole Austin said...

i absolutely love moo cards. so much fun in such a tiny package. yours are so stunning and amazing!!

Deb said...

You have quite a collection of Moo's. I'm jealous - LOL. This post reminds me that I should have some made again.