Saturday, May 12, 2012


I got new glasses! I have been having some serious trouble with my vision over the last couple of months, so I finally broke down and saw my opthomologist. I love her because not only is she a great eye doc, but she brings her dog Blaze to work. Blaze lies quietly on her bed in a corner of the exam room so you'd never know she is there, unless you're like me and bring her cookies, in which case she becomes your best friend. 

Anyway, I'd seen Dr. W only 6 months before, at which time everything was fine. Something definitely went haywire since then, so I had to get progressives.
What I love about this pair is that they are frameless, so they just disappear when you put them on. I'm still working on getting used to wearing them-progressive lenses make the floor and walls look like they are rippling (like the ocean) so my brain keeps thinking I'm going to trip. It's weird, but eventually I'll get used to them. 

Check out my new Chucks! I've been eyeing these runners for some time, but I was having trouble making up my mind which colour I wanted. It was a toss up between red or aqua, my two favourite colours. I finally decided on the red, though I have not ruled out buying a second pair at some point. 

 Yesterday this set of gorgeous Boho tribal bracelets showed up in my magic mailbox, a belated birthday gift from my friend Pilar  . She is so sweet. I *love* them! I have plans to wear them to the opening of the gallery show next week. Pilar has more of these beauties, each one entirely unique, in her Etsy shop if you simply must have some for yourself! THANK YOU Pip! I will treasure them.

I'm gearing up for next week, which is going to be epic in terms of crossing big things off my life list and being BUSY! Hoping to have tons of photos to share when all's said and done!


Anonymous said...

Fabulousness all around! Your glasses look great and I'm jealous about the sneaks. May have to treat myself to something from Pilar's shop as well.

g. said...

*waving to you* lovely shot! and of course i love the shoes :)