Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Imagine That!

This morning, I had a meeting at the MS Society Lower Mainland Chapter offices to do some planning for a presentation I'm going to be making at an upcoming Peer Support Training event on crisis and suicide intervention. 
When I arrived, they had a surprise waiting for me:

They've just redesigned the information brochure for the Peer Support program and guess whose work is on the cover?! Yes, it's mine! The photo was originally taken for an article I wrote for someonelikeme.ca (the MS Society's website for younger people who either have MS or have a loved one with MS) about the value of support groups. 

I had no idea they were going to do this, but I'm pretty pleased about it and it was a really nice surprise. These brochures will go out to clients who have been newly diagnosed with MS to let them know what the Peer Support program has to offer. I couldn't be more pleased!

But that wasn't all....They also let me know that the interview I did a couple weeks ago with Tiina is now up on the website as well. It's here if you want to take a peek. Thank you Tiina for doing such a fantastic job!

After a rather rough start to the week, things are looking up!

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Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Wow...your photo looks like it was made FOR the brochure. It looks great! Now...off to check out the interview. xo