Thursday, July 05, 2012

Catching Up


In the interest of freshening thing up a bit, I give you my new blog header. Happily, there is a new, easier way to create them, so I may be inclined to do this a bit more often.

Things have been kind of quiet in the studio. I've mainly been writing material for a presentation I am making in about a week on crisis intervention and suicide prevention. Serious stuff! There's alot of information to relay in a short period of time, but I always love the opportunity to help empower others, especially when they are doing important work like this.

Meanwhile, the excitement is building for London 2012. As you can imagine, I am counting the days! It seems like just yesterday we were gearing up for the Games here in Vancouver. I watched the Americans' gymnastics trials last weekend. It was pretty intense-when people make mistakes, it's pretty spectacular. (And scary!) The balance beam always freaks me out-fall on that and you're going to clobber yourself!  I am very much looking forward to watching the Games obsessively.

 Vivienne has encouraged me to take my camera in for it's servicing. I am loathing the idea of letting it out of my sight, but I suppose I should do it sooner, rather than later, so it's all spiffy and ready to go for Whistler. I am so used to just grabbing it and shooting when the spirits move me that to not have it available for a few days seems like torture! I suppose I should just get it over with.

In other news, I had a lovely surprise arrive in the mail the other day. It was an honorarium for participating in the gallery show Dispelling the Myths: Disability & Art  at the Leigh Square Community Arts Village in May. It was completely unexpected. I'll probably treat myself to some new art supplies next week. Good karma is always welcome!

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