Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Diamond In The Rough

Diamond in the Rough

Just a quick post this morning to share this image I've created from a photo I shot on the Artful City walk on Saturday. Basically, it was a bunch of posters remnants on a wall. Layers had been created from things that had been hung, ripped down and posted over several times.

Some people see a mess. 
I see possibility. 

A photo, some time spent finessing, doing that voodoo I do and this is the result. I think this is one of my most favourite images yet.


pilarisa321 said...

I love this! Awesome! A new postcard, perhaps?

Heather said...

LOVE THIS!! If you do cards or prints, let me know. I know Hannah would love it for her room ( horse girl).

Heather said...

LOVE IT! If you go a print or card from this image, please LMK.. Hannah would love it for her room since she is obsessed with horses!!! xoxoxoxo

Karenann Young said...

Love your picture of Diamond in the Rough! It's great!!!