Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Magic Mailbox: London 2012 Edition

I had the honour of guest blogging for Andrea, of Athletes First while she was away in the UK at a conference and she very kindly offered to bring home some swag for me from London 2012 as a thank you. 

True to her word, these fabulous goodies arrived today! There's Mandeville, the Paralympic Mascot (who at this moment I can totally relate to, seeing as I've been a one eyed spectator!) a mug to match (in my favourite colours!) and two packages of Cadbury chocolate mascots. I'm going to save the chocolate till I go to Whistler. It seems fitting to eat 2012 chocolates where our 2010 alpine events were hosted and you can bet I'll be saving the wrappers! Those will end up in my journal for sure!

Andrea also included a beautiful card that depicts eight rowers. In addition to being a Paralympic ski guide, she is also a rower. She said the card was in celebration of the silver medal the Canadian Women's 8 team won last week. Andrea has friends who were rowing in that boat! 

So, so cool and very much appreciated! THANK YOU ANDREA!! 


Carol Browne said...

I adore the Union Jack with turquoise instead of navy (or whatever colour the official colour is meant to be) I think it's beautiful with the red. Also, there is something about Cadbury's chocolate from the UK that is so darned tasty - I think it's creamier than ours somehow. You are exercising such restraint by waiting. I'll bet you still had Halloween candy in January as a kid, didn't you? Enjoy your loot!!!

Anonymous said...

What fun and what great treats to add to your Olympics memorabilia.