Monday, September 24, 2012

Journal Love!

 Hello! I hope you are enjoying the first days of Autumn! I'm just waiting now for the leaves to start turning-we've had sort of a late summer. September has been pretty warm, so the trees haven't quite begun to transition for fall yet. Any minute now, though!

Meanwhile, I've been keeping busy in the studio. I decided to make a couple of journals and use up some of the yummy bits that I've been saving. One (pictured  above) is an ROD style journal. Don'tcha just LOVE the fabric? It has two things I love-circles & aqua! It's one of my favourites and it's the absolute last piece I have of this print. 

The other is a journal made from the cover of a rescued vintage book* and more lovely doodads I've been saving for a rainy day. Both are one of a kind, lovingly made by my hands and available in my Etsy shop. I recommend popping over there right now if you'd like one for your very own, to avoid being disappointed! Once they're gone, they're gone!

*The Rescued Book Journal is SOLD! The ROD style journal is still available!

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