Thursday, December 27, 2012


So my words for 2012 were "True North". If you missed the explanation of why I chose these particular words, you can read about it here. The short story is that I wanted to focus on where my attention and by extension, my intention was being focused for the year. I believe how someone chooses to spend their time is very telling of who they are. I wanted the focus of my actions in 2012 to be in alignment with my values.

For the most part, everything I did this year was something I could feel good about. Life isn't perfect though-I did have an experience that challenged me in so many ways (many of them not positive) but because I gave my word, I stuck it out, delivered on my promise and got through it. Live and learn.

2012 was a year of extreme highs and lows. It almost seems crazy the stark contrast between how amazing the first 8 months of the year were in comparison to how difficult the last 4 have been. I am just thankful that the scales tipped heavier on the amazing side. 

I read this the other day:

"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward, so when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great, so just focus and keep aiming."

It's all about perspective. 

My word for 2013 is: Vision

I am still mulling over the significance of this word, so I'll have to get back to you later about what it means. I have no idea how this will manifest. I am leaving it open to the universe to put opportunities to explore this in my path and I'll keep my eyes and heart open, knowing I will recognize them when they show up. (And they always show up!)

So how about you? What word will be guiding your path for 2013? Do tell!


liz elayne lamoreux said...

love this quote. looking forward to hearing about the ways "vision" unfolds for you.

gisele said...

Vision is such an interesting word for you, given the trouble you've had with your sight this last year. I am so interested to see what unfolds for you next.

My word was similar to yours - 'true'. As in living your true purpose. But I felt like it taunted me all year long as it was a year of doing what needed to be done, but not the real, fulfilling things. I have high hopes and much planned for 2013, but no word this year.