Thursday, January 03, 2013

365 Self-Portraits

The other day I got an email from a friend, inviting me to join her and some other photography kindreds in a 365 day self-portrait project. There is nothing more cheering then an invitation from an artist friend to collaborate. It's one of my favourite things. I said yes, immediately.

There are so many things I like about self-portraits:

-I do not have to wait for anyone to participate. I get to show up for myself. 

-Digital  photography allows me the freedom to shoot endlessly, so I can experiment as much as I want to and it costs absolutely nothing. Experimenting=learning.

-It allows me to see myself differently which is pretty powerful.

-I can tell my story in a way that is authentically me. (This is the thing I love best about doing them.)

-A self-portrait can be a small glimpse of me (like today's photo, pictured above) or something that represents me.

We're only two days in, but already I am enjoying getting back into the creative groove of shooting every day. I am excited to see how this unfolds over the course of the next 363 days. I imagine at some points it might become challenging, but I will just look to the amazing women who I'm collaborating with for inspiration and that will give me the push to keep going. (Okay that and the fact that I am an Aries and therefore always finish what I've started.)

And by the by, do you remember the word I mentioned I'd chosen for 2013? 


I put it out there and the universe validated it immediately. This invitation could not have been more perfectly timed.


Jenny said...

What a great idea. I am inspired! Hmmm... the wheels are turning!

gisele said...

I know so many people doing 365 projects this year. I think it's a way to amp up the creativity. Good Luck.