Saturday, January 26, 2013

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Ceremony

 Yesterday was the medal presentation ceremony, which was held at the local golf club. The medals came in these boxes with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee insignia for Canada on them.

Here's what the medal looks like.

I was also given a Diamond Jubilee pin. 

The medal came with a presentation certificate signed by David Johnson, the Governor General of Canada. (The Queen's representative in Canada.)

The Governor General also sent a letter of congratulations and gratitude for my service to Canada. There was also a booklet included laying out the protocol for wearing my medal. Medals may be worn on Canada Day and Remembrance Day and any formal occasions where the invite reads "with decorations". (Which is amusing-I can't imagine when I'd ever receive an invitation like that!)

They had these Diamond Jubilee flags for souvenirs.

The ceremony was really lovely. There were about 40 recipients receiving medals. They read out a brief bio on each person, so you would know why they had been chosen. It was really interesting to hear the work that others are doing to contribute to our community and our country. Several of the recipients were veterans and the youngest was a 13 year old girl who is championing the environment. 

Medals were presented by our Member of Parliament, Fin Donnelly and our local Members of the Legislature, Diane Thorne, Joe Transolini and Mike Farnworth. The Tri-Cities Mayors and City Council Members also attended. 

I know there is a distinct lack of photos of the actual event. The MP and MLAs arranged to have a professional photographer who will be sending each medal recipient a CD with photos from the ceremony, so you'll have to wait till then. 

I think I was in a bit of a daze as the whole thing was unfolding. It was alot to take in. I have volunteered my whole life because I learned when I was very young that I am my best self when I am helping others and I've always believed that volunteering is the rent we pay as citizens of this planet. It's never been about the recognition, but to have your community, your province and your country acknowledge your service is a very big deal. I feel very humbled and enormously grateful for that honour. 


Vivienne said...

Congratulations! So excited and much deserved!

Bettyann said...

oh my so excited for you...congratulations!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so exciting Lelainia! Congratulations!

Seth said...

Congratulations Lelainia. What an honor - a well deserved honor. I am so happy for you. And we will definitely have to look out for a blog party "with decorations"!