Thursday, March 10, 2016

And So It Is Done

This humbling letter just arrived in my inbox:

Dear Lelainia,

We would like to acknowledge the tremendous contribution you have made to the health professional programs at the University of British Columbia through your role as a member of the Office of the Vice-Provost Health Patient Advisory Group. We have been privileged to work with you in the development of curriculum for the health and human service programs. Over the past two years, you have shared both your valuable time and personal experiences in order to improve the education of health professional students, expecting nothing in return.

Your role on this advisory group has helped ensure student education is patient-centred and relevant. Your contribution to the Certificate in Collaborative Practice for Health Professionals and the Integrated Ethics Curriculum, among other initiatives, will impact health professional students for years to come.These programs are being used with health professionals from a wide range of disciplines and have the potential to change the way health care is delivered in the future.

We look forward to working with you in the future through the Patient and Community Partnerships for Education and other initiatives.

Louise Nasmith
Associate-Provost Health
Office of the Vice Provost Health
The University of British Columbia

Victoria Wood
Curriculum Manager
Office of the Vice Provost Health
The University of British Columbia


Tuesday afternoon, we wrapped up the work we were doing on this advisory committee. I am kind of stunned to realize that was 2 years of work together. It didn't feel like it-that's how much I enjoyed working with this advisory and the faculty. I am still doing advisory work, (in fact, I am heading back to UBC for to a dinner meeting in a couple of hours) but the certificate in collaborate practice and iEthics work has been completed.

It has been such an honour to do this work with individuals who are so deeply committed to improving health care education in British Columbia. I have learned so much from each of them and I believe that I received in equal measure to what I gave. I am just so grateful to have been invited to join them at the table and to have been able to collaborate and create with them. 

 I too look forward to whatever's coming next.

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Seth said...

Congratulations on a job well done.