Monday, September 20, 2004


Assemblage: An artistic composition made from scraps, junk, and odds and ends.

Last night while watching the Emmys, I was preparing a 3D frame I bought to house my very first assemblage. I have been collecting quilting/sewing odds and ends. I have some antique sewing machine attachements, old thimbles, wooden thread spools with the thread still on them, pieces cut from an old dresden plate quilt, a vintage cloth measuring tape gifted to me by Annemarie, a porcelin doll's hand, pins, lace, buttons, etc. I have it about half done and hope to have time to finish it tomorrow. So far I am pleased with it. I will take some pictures of it when I finish and post them to my website.

I treated myself to a Jan Arden cd this weekend-"Greatest Hurts" which is really relaxing to listen to while working. I think it's important to have good music to enjoy while you work. I can't make art without music!

My favourite creative music is:
The Indigo Girls-Become You & Retrospective
Norah Jones-Come Away With Me
Sean Colvin-A Few Small Repairs
Cat Stevens-Greatest Hits
Tracy Chapman-Telling Stories
Five for Fighting-America Town
Bruce Cockburn-Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbucktu
John Mayer-Any Given Thursday

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