Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New Art

Just finished uploading some new art to my Altered Art Gallery. There are some new matchbox shrines, as well as some info and pics on collaborative Books. I am waiting for 2 more books that I worked on to arrive. One is "The Sky's the Limit" hosted by the lovely Tracy Roos and the other is one I co-hosted with my wonderful friend Penn called "Do Not Go Gently". Can't wait to share them!

I am still working on my first assemblage. I had some bits that I wanted to use in it that I have misplaced so I can't finish till I locate them. *sigh* I desperately need to get more organized. Part of my problem is that I work on the kitchen table and have to keep packing stuff up and removing it. If anyone else has this problem and has a workable solution, I would love to hear it. It's driving me nuts! I have one set of 5 drawers on wheels that I have stuff in, but two of the four wheels have fallen off . (Damn plastic!) I have my paper in a box with hanging file folders. Other than that, it is a massive heap o'chaos. AHHHHH! If I could only win the lotto so I could build a studio.....

A week from tomorrow is my guild's quilt retreat, which I helped to organize and am teaching at. No rest for the wicked! I plan to work on a gift for my gram's birthday, piece a quilt for my bed, (the blocks are long since finished-just have to assemble the top, a 1930's Aunt Gracie bull's eye) and make a wool stuffed pumpkin for my autumn collection. Anything else I can manage to get done in 4 days is a bonus. Following retreat, Jan who wrote "The Art of Fabric Books" is coming to meet me. I am *so* excited!

Okay, this girl must go get busy! Time's a wastin'!

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