Tuesday, October 12, 2004

New Quilt

Okay so a week later, here is my Da Vinci raggedy quilt. I finally got around to taking a couple of pics of it this morning. It was a busy weekend with Thanksgiving and relatives visiting. (Not to mention a good dose of shoe shopping, during which I got a delicious pair of suede boots for the winter. They feel like slippers on my feet.)

I am still working on the fabric paper, as well as catching up on a few projects this morning while listening to a brand new Melissa Etheridge CD-"Lucky". The collaborative book on grief-"Do Not Go Gently" is being bound over the new few days so by this time next week, I will be able to post some pics of the finished product. It's very exciting and I am so pleased with what people did. It's going to be a chunky book for sure!

Word has it that my "Sky's the Limit" book is making its way north to me as well and perhaps if I am really really good and the stars align in just the right way, it might land on my doorstep by Friday. Two collaborative books by the weekend might just be too much for one girl to hope for!

Okay time to roll up my sleeves and unwind. Catcha later!

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