Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sunday, rainy Sunday

Okay so it's 11:30 a.m. and the best I could do so far is to throw on an old, comfy pair of sweats- I have not even run a brush through my curls and I am at the table, doing art. Have I graduated into obsession? You betcha!

I decided it was time to work on a journal of my trip to New York this summer. I have all the photos developed and a bag full of ephemera from my adventure. I thought I had better get on it before the memories fade. I purchased a Junque Journal from 7 Gypsies especially for this project and am just getting things organized into pages. So far I have covered the cover with a cool paper that has antique red, white and blue stripes on it. While the book came with lots of inclusions-clear plastic sleeves, manilla tags, glassine envelopes and mini envelopes, I am probably going to add a few more myself for little bits of things I saved. I also want to do some journaling about my adventures. I'll probably type them out since my handwriting is pretty messy. I'd like to have it finished by next weekend, if I can. (Fingers crossed that I will have the time.)

My friend Jan keeps a journal every time she travels, which is alot and I really admire that. She does it altered book style-she keeps ephemera from the places she visits to use in her journals. I haven't been lucky enough to see one of hers finished, but I imagine it's interesting. She has been all over the place!

So..hopefully, I will have some pics of it by this time next week, if all goes well. I only have a couple more hours to work on it today-I have to go out and make a speech this afternoon. *groan* Is there a hole anywhere nearby I can crawl into?!?

Okay, I am heading back to art central to see how much I can accomplish before I have to get ready to go out. Happy arting everyone!

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