Wednesday, November 17, 2004

NYC Journal

Still working on my NYC journal. It's going pretty good. I had to take a brief break from it yesterday to deal with some family stuff. I got right back to it this morning and realized I need to run over to my local scrapbooking store to buy then new Ranger red ink pad. I need it! I am trying to keep within the red, white/cream and blue colour pallet on this project. I want it to be totally American looking.

The Gypsy Junque journal I am using has lots of hand inclusions, but I have also added a few of my own. My main problem has been coming up with ways to include the memorabilia that is larger than the journal and would be ruined by cutting it down. I have had a couple of ideas, but a few things have stumped me. I am working around those items for the time being. I am getting excited about getting it finished now!

I have to say the pictures of Ground Zero stirred up lots of thoughts and memories. I still can't believe I stood there with two people who are so dear to me who lost their son there. It seems like something out of a dream. Just being there on what I consider to be sacred ground and seeing and feeling the enormity of it has changed me forever. In fact, the whole story behind why I went to NYC in the first place seems like something not quite real. It's a miracle-that much I know.

Okay, enough deep thoughts for the day-I am heading out to the scrapbook store!

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