Friday, November 19, 2004

Plugging away

I have been working on my NYC journal diligently and the other day I was happily adhering photos to my pages when I discovered I had used the last page. Problem was, I still had several pages worth of photos left to include! What to do?!? Well, I decided to run right down to the scrapbooking store to see if I could find similar coloured card stock and cut some more pages myself. I did manage to find the exact same colour and weight! (And for a mere 47c each!) Yesterday I took them with me to the lines and cut them to size between calls. Then I used an exacto knife to add the square holes for the coil binding to go through. It was pretty easy. Problem solved! Now I can finish mounting the photos and then get on to the business of journaling!

Last night I got the funniest call. One of the woman at a local scrapbook store where I go regularly called me. She said she wanted to know if I would be willing to make some samples from some stuff their store got in if I could come up with some ideas about how to use it. I said I love a challenge, so I would try. Turns out the stuff she were referring to is some 2 1/2 inch wide black fabric strapping-it looks just like the nylon strapping you find on luggage. I have no idea how they came to have that at the store, but I will do my best to figure out how people can use it for scrapbooking.

In the meantime, I need to finish my ATCs for the weekend swap and get a page done in a friend's Altered Book. (This is if I can keep my eyes open-I slept lousy last night after donating blood and running around all day. I hit the point of exhaustion and went beyond. A nap might be in order.)

Anyway, that accounts for my current projects. I have several things I am dying to try, but I think at this point, I will probably not get to them till after the new year. I really should make a list so I don't forget! Hopefully I will have some NYC journal pics to post shortly. Stay tuned!

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