Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tuesday night

Just a quick hello before I call it a day. Tonight, after dinner, I got inspired to do some painting with some of my new paints from Kroma. I have discovered I have a thing for house images. I don't know why. I painted a house and then added some words to the image and some paper stars and a moon. I just fiddled and painted, not giving much thought to what I was doing-just enjoying and trusting the process. What I came up with pleases me. It will probably find a home with a friend as an Xmas gift. I am thinking now of painting more of these little houses. I want one for myself. I am considering cutting down the size of the base I am painting on to fit a standard sized frame so I could frame it for giving. I have to think on it a bit more. There might be another answer.

Anyway, that was my pre-Amazing Race activity for tonight and I had to tear myself away to actually watch the show. It's surprising how content you can feel just sitting and having the freedom to create. Maybe I will dream up some more things to paint tomorrow! Nighters!

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