Saturday, January 15, 2005

Still Working On It!

My sweet friend is still working at restoring my website. All I can say is it will be fixed when it gets fixed. I am just grateful to have someone who knows what to do helping me.

I am still working away at class stuff. Today I finished the first part of my class sample book. It's looking pretty good if I do say so myself. I also spent a bit of time working on mirrors which I will also be teaching. I want to have a few different styles so my students can see the possibilities. I really enjoy making the mirrors. They are a good way to relax and unwind.

Tomorrow is the monthly ATC swap in Vancouver. I am excited because while I am there, I will be receiving more Book of Naughty pages! They are looking really, really good. If you want to see one, pop on over to Tracy Roos' website and click on her journal. She has posted her page for the project. When I saw it, I laughed my butt off. She is so cheeky! Must be why I love her so much. (Okay that and we share the same birthday and she's just a wonderful person.) Anyway it's good for a giggle.

Yesterday I had planned to spend the whole day working but it was not to be. My dh came home early and took me out to lunch which was a rare treat. (Rare in that he is usually at work at noon on a Friday.) Then he offered to pick our son up from school so I could get back to work, but when ds came home, he told me he had had an accident at the pool. (His class had a field trip yesterday.) He somehow sliced his heel wide open. I took one look at it and decided it needed stitches so off we went to the doc's office. He did need stitches, but the doc decided that it might be better to glue the wound shut. He went off to get the glue (a special surgical glue-not Crazy Glue) and when he got back I asked if he could also apply some to ds' lips. It took him a minute to figure out I was joking. (ROFL!) Anyway, he glued it and it seems to be just fine. Hard to believe the lifeguards would allow a kid with that kind of deep cut to still swim in the pool! YUCK!

All's well that ends well. Now if I can just get some uninterrupted time to work!

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