Wednesday, February 09, 2005

AB Class

So I have been busy working on my class sample AB book and I thought I would share the cover. I have posted pics of it below. I still want to add some fibers to the spine.

I have also been working on finishing the Book of Naughty and I'm almost there. Penn has taken the pages to work to punch for the coil binding and we are getting together Monday night to assemble them. Won't be long now and then I will post some pics. I just think everyone did such amazing pages and I am so thrilled with how it's coming out. I should have pics to share by the end of next week so check back!!

I am also waiting for a package to arrive from the UK for Paper Artsy's new rubber plates. There will be new samples afoot soon! Leandra is sending some really interesting and new to me materials to work with so I am excited about the possibilities.

Neighbourdog is barking her fool head off so I wonder if that heralds a man in uniform? I think she would like nothing better than to have a taste of our postman. Going outside to check and see if it's a good mail day!

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