Thursday, February 10, 2005

Whilst working on my Zine...

So here I am this morning working on the little zine for my trunk show handouts, minding my own business. It's recycling/garbage day so the trucks come and go on our little dead end street. Then a van pulls up in the drive with a Valentine's parcel for me. A little later on, I see two guys jump off the retaining wall on our drive into the yard next door so I go to look cause that's a bit odd. Turns out it's okay. They are hydro guys checking the meters. Than a big delivery van pulls up and delivers a huge mattress next door. Lots of traffic for our little street.

The whole morning neighbourdog is barking her fool head off, driving me nuts till I open the door and holler "Roxy SHUT UP!" (As a subtle hint to the boys next door to let her in.) So I am sitting here working away when I catch something out of the corner of my eye. I look up and here is this totally scruffy looking guy traipsing through our carport like a man on a mission. I turn to get a real good look to see who it is and he stops dead and looks at me through my livingroom window like "HOLY BLEEP! I didn't know anybody was home!!", turns on his heel and makes a beeline for the street.

By this time I have flown to the door and stuck my head out to see where the heck he is going and what he is wearing. I grab my phone and call 911. I gave a description and the police say they will do a patrol of the area. My guess is he was coming to see if the shed was worth breaking into. He had the look of someone wanting to make a quick buck for drugs. I am hoping I scared him bad enough he won't come back. Luckily, the entire house and the shed are fully alarmed so if he does try to get in, the police will be dispatched.

Needless to say, he startled me, if only because it was so unexpected to see someone marching past my window like that! Funny thing was that I didn't have the good sense to be scared-I was just plain mad that someone would come tresspassing when they thought no one was home. I think I am going to tell dh to make me a nice chunk of rebar to keep by the front door. Anyone comes by again, I will be ready!

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