Monday, February 07, 2005

New Additions

At long last, I have two new additions to my art book library. The ATC book is really fun. I noticed that there is a whole page devoted to my friend Celine Navarro and then I also discovered two ATCs by Gretchen Goodwin that I have in my collection. COOL! It's fun to flip through a book and know some of the people involved personally.

The other book about the shrines is incredible. I LOVE IT! If you have been giving any thought to trying your hand at making them, this is the book to get. It is meticulously detailed with gorgeous photographs and SEVEN, count 'em SEVEN (!!!) patterns for shrines structures!! I have already run out to get the supplies to start my first one and I am *SO* excited. Now I just have to find the top of my kitchen table.

Also yesterday evening heralded the opening of online registration for Artwerx. I am really jazzed about going and taking classes from two very talented artists. Can't wait!! It's going to be alot of fun!

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