Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Toy, New Friend, New Journal.

So yesterday my Rubicoil arrived and I had a project waiting in the wings. Myself and 4 friends are going to Artfest together and sharing a house. For ages I was trying to figure out if anyone else was going to be sharing the house along with us and just had no luck. Finally I checked with Teesha and it turns out, one more person will be staying in 6W with us. Her name is Deb and she is super nice. I emailed her because I thought it would be great to get to know her before we all converge at Ft. Worden-after all, we would all much rather come into a house filled with friends than have that awkward moment of meeting as total strangers.

Anyway, I emailed Deb and it turns out she is a true kindred spirit and I know we are all going to get along just fine. In fact, I am positive our house will be the one filled with laughter and hijinks. (That's just the kind of gals we are!)

Back in November, my group of gal pals got together and we all made journals to take with us to Artfest to record our trip in. These are wonderful journals with pockets and tags and all kinds of neat stuff in them and each one is specific to the person who made it. After chatting back and forth with Deb, I decided to make her a journal so she can join in the fun with us. So...that is Deb's journal and it goes into the mail to her in California this week so she can start jotting things down in it! I am *so* looking forward to meeting her and a number of other dear friends I have known online for quite some time but never met in person. It's going to be a fantastic time. I am also excited about spending time with the friends I am traveling with. They are a lovely bunch and I adore them all.

Only 38 more sleeps!!

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Anonymous said...

oh honey! I want to bring all my friends to YOUR house at artfest! Your house is where the ACTION is gonna be!!!!!