Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blog Etiquette 101

I hate making a post like this, but I really feel I have to. It's something that needs to be said.

My friend Stacie lost her sweet dog Bailey this week. Bailey was her heart and soul and I know she is hurting deeply about it. She shared this on her blog and people posted to offer her some comfort, as well they should. That's what good friends do, especially in our close knit community of mixed media artist. In the midst of all the love and support people were offering came someone who seemed to think that Stacie sharing her loss was a slap in the face to another friend who lost her sister on the same day. This person who came along not only berated Stacie for her post, but also hid behind a fake email address.

It really sickens me that someone out there would use Stacie's blog to kick her when she's down. It's just plain mean. Anyone who knows Stacie, knows that she is very sweet and soft hearted. The loss of her dog was very significant to her and she is hurting. That's all any of us needs to know. It's not for anyone to judge and it certainly isn't appropriate for anyone to deliberately hurt her by trying to make her feel like she did something wrong. She didn't, plain and simple.

Our blogs are a place to share whatever we choose to share. If for some reason what people write offends you, don't read. It's that simple. I feel very sorry for the person who did this. It shows not only a lack of good judgement, but also a lack of compassion. As I have said once before, when in doubt, be kind.


Anonymous said...

...a blog is the writer's personal space that they choose to share...if you happen to come upon and read someone's need to respect that person's "space". i have lost loved ones and i have lost a dear, dear dog myself---similar to Stacey, he got into something and before we knew it, major surgery and he was gone. i was BESIDE myself with grief and unconsoleable. I mean UNCONSOLEABLE....Grief is grief. Any psychological professional will explain that the steps of grief are similar whether there be loss of human life, or loss of animal life.Feelings of loss= grief=mourning. Obviously Stacie was reaching out to Celine--and Celine will know that, of course. My heart goes out to Stacie (who I do not know) and of course, Celine, who I do know...comments like this are inappropriate for a stranger (coward?) to comment on...that would be like going through a stack of sympathy cards and sending some back because you didn't think the sender was sincere enough in your eyes.

altermyworld said...

Sending my condolences out to both ladies.
Grief is grief,,not less or greater than anothers.

And yes it was just plain mean.


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Thank you ladies for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate what you both said. The bottom line is that people either "get it" or they don't.
*hugs to you both*

Anonymous said...

good for you...I love the whole friends thing...being there for each other, sticking up, speaking up...all of it. You showed stacie that you're her true friend.