Monday, March 06, 2006

White Collaborative Book

So Joleen is hosting a collaborative book and the theme is WHITE. She invited me to play and I said yes. Afterwards, I realized that if I was doing work in white, I wouldn't be able to just photocopy it and embellish each page afterwards. THis meant I was going to have to do FIFTY pages entirely by hand. Then it became a challenge to figure out what to do.

When I think white, I think winter. When I think of winter, I think of tea and when I think of tea, I think of all the hours I spend working on art, sipping tea and somehow I believe that tea=inspirtation. To me tea is about relaxing, being warm and just feeding your spirit. I love tea and surely there must be a tea faerie! In my house my tea magically appears via my sweet husband who makes it for me. Tea also =love.

So, in keeping to the white theme, I made this tea faerie page. What you can't tell from the photo is that the faerie is 3D-she is sitting in a slot in the teacup and her wings are sprinkled with faerie dust. I attached her to the Chai tea tag so she won't get lost.

The funny thing about this page is that this was entirely different from what I had originally intended to do. I had a couple of ideas and they just didn't work because of the size of the page and then this evolved from them et voila! White was also a huge challenge for me because I NEVER work in white. It's far too stark for me and even when I quilt, I will use cream in place of white-it's warmer and softer. THis definately made me stretch far outside my comfort zone.

Time to pop these babies in the mail and breathe a sign of relief-the due date is not till April 1st, so I am waaaaay ahead of schedule!! Onto the next project on my to-do list!


Deb said...

Leave it to YOU, Tuna! This is one of the best interpretations of white I have seen, and beleive me, I have seen many! I do so wish I could see her "pop out," but the illusion will have to do.

Love this!


Anonymous said...

love the page!! chai tea is my ABSOLUTE favorite--but REALLY hard to find around where i live. maybe the chai tea fairy will hear my call and show up here!!
beautiful work sweetie!
liz xxz

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Aww thanks ladies! :)