Friday, April 21, 2006

By My Hand

If I have seemed a bit quiet lately, it's because I am working hard behind the scenes. My current project is that I am designing a new class which will hopefully be up and running in early June. The sample has been made and now I am working on self-publishing the pattern.

I plan to have the pattern ready in time for the class, but it's alot of work and it has to be exact or things won't turn out as pictured! You never know how precise something is till you go to write it out step by step. I don't give a whole lot of thought to the small steps involved in textile work until I get to that point. Creating something from nothing is the easy part. Explaining to someone else exactly how I did it is the hard part!! *grin*

I have finished the mock up for the pattern cover and I am quite pleased with it. Now I just need to complete the pattern writing phase, format it and then it will be good to go. I think I will likely ask a quilting friend of mine to "test drive" my pattern before I release it, just to be sure.

It's challenging, but exciting and I love designing!

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