Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Playing Along

Five minutes to yourself: Run to the library and find a new book to read.

Five bucks to spend right now- how would you spend it? On a Starbuck's Chai Latte

Five items in your house you could part with, right now, that you hadn’t thought of already? The hall table, which got damaged in last year's house disaster, all the extra kitchen junk no one ever uses, all the crud stored in my closet, my son's old shoes that he refuses to throw away, old suitcases under my bed that no needs anymore.

Five items you absolutely, positively could never part with in your house? My computer, the dvd player, art my friends have given me, my jewellery, my Gramps' fez.

Five words you love?

Following Melanie's lead, I tag the first five people who read this- so please be honest and leave a comment! (If you have already been tagged, you are excused.)


maggiegracecreates said...

I have posted my list on my blog. Long time visitor here. First time poster. Beautiful Works full of inspiration.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

tag me, tag me!!!
liz xx