Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Yesterday this manilla envelope arrived. The name on the return address was not familiar to me so I had absolutely no idea what I would find inside once I opened it.

Turned out it was these gorgeous filagree stars I ordered when I got home from Artfest a few weeks ago. I was under the weather when I ordered them, so it's no wonder I didn't know who it was from. Anyway, my friend Stacie had given me a piece of her work with these stars on them and I had to know where they came from. She kindly shared the link which is here if you want to peek.

Now comes the fun of trying to decide what I want to use them on. Something for ME of course, but what? Likely some piece of jewellery or a collage. How I love stars!

I am having internet connection issues all of the sudden so my ISP is sending a tech guy over to check it out. One minute I am connected, the next pfft! Nothing! It's highly annoying-in fact I am trying to post this PDQ before I lose my connection again.

It's a balmy 18C here today and I think it's supposed to get up to 20C before too long. I am anxious for the tech to get here so I can go out and enjoy the sunshine with my dear friend Lisa-lattes at Starbuck's and girl chat. Gotta love that!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, these stars are incredible! I LOVE filagree, and these stars are no exception. Thanks for sharing the link to the website. I took a quick look, but decided that it was a place where I would get into too much trouble!! I can't wait to see what special project you end up using these on.