Thursday, May 11, 2006


I have been busy in my "downtime" making goodies to swap at Artfiberfest. I am working on 10 of these little pin cushions. The colours are a bit off in this photo because it's overcast today so the light is not good. The tones are folk art tones-mustard gold, old barn red, buttermilk cream and moss green. Yikes! The basket actually looks grey in this pic! It's not!! It's moss green.

Anyway, I have one completely finished, and 9 more to go!! The good news is I can do them in front of the TV while I watch all the season finales this week and next. It's hard to sit and have idle hands!

I also managed to get my packets of fibres done up for the fibre swap at AFF. We are swapping 3 yds. per packet of cool fibers. Mine are a black and rainbow type twisted wool. It reminds me of Amish quilt colours.

I have also been doing alot of writing. I seem to have so many irons in the fire. It's good to keep busy, but sometimes it's stressful juggling everything. Good thing I am careful not to bite off more than I can chew! I think what's helped with that is my 24 hour rule. I wait 24 hours before I say yes to something. That way I am not impulsively joining things and getting in over my head. It's no fun to be pressured about deadlines and not have any time to make the art for yourself and it's definately not fun to be missing deadlines and letting people down. Sometimes it's hard to pass some things up, but I have to for sanity's sake. I keep reminding myself that by saying no to one thing, it allows me to say yes to another. It's all about choices.

Anyway, there's a sneak peek at some of my swaps. I have to run now and take my son to the doc's. He thinks he's broken his thumb. He's not a complainer and any time he's thought something was broken, it was. If it is, this will be broken bone #4. *sigh* That boy is definately a boy and I earn my grey hairs!

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Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Cool stuff. I REALLY Need to get busy on my trades. I love your packets of fibres. I did most of mine some time back. Just waiting for that final count. I wound mine on old school clothes pins but need to label them somehow.