Monday, May 15, 2006

Quarterly Review (a bit late!)

Every New Year's Eve, I write a list of Art Goals I want to work towards during the upcoming year. I try to revisit the list at least twice over the next year to see how much I have accomplished. I find it helpful to re-read and account for where I am in the process of doing things I want to do.

Okay, here are my art goals for 2006:

-Do more artwork for book publication.
I did this last year and it was so satisfying. I would love to have the opportunity to be a contributing artist again. I did an interview for Portals zine. I am co-writing another interview style article for the fall. I have sent out my own article proposal for the fall and mailed some artwork out for consideration. I am now waiting to hear back on a whole pile of things!

-Continue working with Paper Artsy and Papier Valise doing design work.
I love working with both these companies! I just mailed new design work off to the UK .

-Attend Artfest and Artfiberfest and learn some new skills.
I went to Artfest at the end of March (it was WONDERFUL!!) and I am now on the verge of going to AFF in June. Can't wait!

-Created some new jewellery using the skills I learned and maybe sell some.
Selling my work is waaaay scary for me! Working on experimenting with creating jewellery. I have made a few things and have learned alot about making jewellery. Still not sure about the whole selling thing!

-Buy myself a Rubicoil binder.
Done! Love it!

-Expand my teaching base.
Always working on this.

-Write some more new classes.
Working on it! I have one almost completed and another in the works.

-Maybe do an redesign on my website.
Website was fixed in early March. I have done some small updates. Not sure I really want to do a redesign right now. I am happy with things they way they are for now.

-Take a class with Lynn Perrella.
I DID IT!! Serendipity allowed for me to have the chance to do this at AF and it was wonderful!! I learned so much from Lynn and she is a great teacher!

Hmm..maybe I should have made a longer list?!? LOL! If nothing else, it's satisfying to know I have actually accomplished alot this year and I still have 6 1/2 months left! (Am I am Aries or what?!)

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